Platform Enhancements.

December 2022

This release includes several quality-of-life improvements throughout the platform. Read on to find out what’s new!

Improved Axe Sheet distribution.

  • Add a message addressing your investors
  • When publishing an Axe Sheet, a confirmation pop-up gives you a summary of your deals, distribution list and other details
  • Option to select “iLex Network” to disseminate your Axe Sheet to all market participants on iLex.

New interface for your deals.

In your Portfolio, you can now view deals in table format and export them as an excel file for sharing, reporting or your own analyses.

Beef up your deal listing.

Inform potential investors better by adding listing documents (e.g. pre-NDAs) to a deal after you have drafted/listed it.

Improved notifications.

Don’t miss any new messages

  • You now receive live email notifications for new chat messages

Visual indicators for deal invitation activity

  • Buyers can now track invitations received
  • Sellers can track invitations accepted and declined

Explore these updates with us!

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