Singapore, November 15, 2019 – iLex welcomed visitors at its booth in the startup zone during the Singapore FinTech Festival (“SFF”) 2019 held in Singapore on 11-13 November 2019.

With over 60,000 participants from 140 countries, the event is the largest fintech event globally. bringing together new and established fintechs, banks, policy and regulatory bodies, hedge fund and alternative investment managers, industry professionals, and thought leaders to share insights and reflections on the industry.

iLex held a booth in the startup zone in Hall 4, and the team welcomed over the 3 days a range of visitors from all horizons.

“This year’s edition of the SFF has once again shown APAC’s vibrant fintech ecosystem, and provided to iLex the opportunity to engage with key stakeholders and potential business partners.” said iLex’s founder Bertrand Billon. “The pace of change and innovation in the Financial Services industry looks to be accelerating. Established players continue to show strong appetite to engage with companies with innovative business models that can unlock value for their customers and shareholders. We are excited to have been part of the SFF 2019 and look forward to many more.”

Media Contact: Bertrand Billon,

About iLex

iLex is enabling the transformation of the corporate loan market through the automation of the loan trading cycle, facilitating unprecedented access to and trading of corporate loans via a single electronic trading platform.

With its proprietary solutions and AI-enabled matching engine, iLex is leading innovation that increases liquidity and deal flows, enhances efficiencies and productivity, as well as delivers significant cost savings for market participants. The application of smart analytics on aggregated data generates customised loan insights that assist clients with making informed credit decisions.

iLex is a Singapore-based financial technology start-up that is supported by a global ecosystem of leading partners.

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