Investor Intelligence Solution.

March 2023

Introducing our new CRM feature – a powerful and intuitive tool for keeping on top of investor interactions across your entire loan book. Augment your investor intelligence to sharpen your engagement and streamline your distribution strategies.

A bird’s eye view of your investor base.

Get a clear and consolidated view of your investor activity

  • Set up your own dashboard and capture the essence of your investor interactions
  • Identify and nurture your top business relationships

Deep dive into investor engagement.

Explore your deal track record with an investor and optimise your engagement.

  • Analyse past interactions and conversion ratios on previous deals
  • Enrich your knowledge of an investor’s strategy with public market data
  • Build your investor network and identify the right contacts for your deal

Build up your institution’s collective investor memory.

Gain a competitive edge and master market demand by building up your investor intelligence.

  • Capture investor preferences when in meetings and roadshows
  • Match investor preferences with any future deals
  • Understand investor strategies like never before

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