Loan Connector x iLex Integration: Connecting Market Data to Deal Opportunities.

February 2024

LSEG Loan Connector and iLex’s data-to-trading connectivity adds a new dimension to loan market intelligence, enabling investors to source more deal opportunities by accessing additional liquidity on iLex directly from Loan Connector.

A new way to actively source loans.

Click “Trade on iLex” from any linked loan facility or news story on Loan Connector to search for liquidity and counterparties on iLex.

  • Analyse 40,000+ loans to explore new trading opportunities and expand your network
  • Access the latest deal pipeline and recently announced deals reported in Loan Connector to connect with bookrunners
  • Directly interact with potential counterparties to build new connections and close trades

Search for Opportunities with DealScan.

The Trading Partners parameter in Deal Scan search and reports enables you to connect with potential counterparties for loans that you want to trade on iLex.

  • Analyse secondary loan pricing and act on potential trading ideas and opportunities
  • Search for matching interest and counterparties on iLex

Explore these new features on Loan Connector.

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