Trade Capture Release.

February 2023

We are thrilled to bring you our latest book-building and primary allocation features. Stay on top of your loan book and proactively manage your investor interactions with real-time status updates and assistant tools to make informed decisions. Our Trade Capture solution innovates with 100% automated investor activity logs and dynamic dashboards. Trade terms, commitment, and allocation records can automatically feed downstream settlement and booking systems via APIs and our unique Investor Intelligence interface.

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All investor interactions at your fingertips.

Our book-building feature integrates all investor interactions seamlessly.

  • Track investor engagement progress across distribution channels and team members
  • Monitor investor statuses and assign engagement priorities
  • Consult investor engagement history and documents (teaser, NDA, etc.)


Capture and actively manage your loan book.

Say goodbye to multiple excel files, email threads and information asymmetry!

  • Consolidate all indications of interest, trade terms, commitments and allocations in one place
  • Leverage our dynamic book-building dashboard to manage and report your distribution activity in a click
  • Sort, filter, search and export your book-building dashboards for effective deal collaboration and reporting


Manage your primary allocations more efficiently.

Streamline and simplify your primary syndication with our cutting-edge allocation tool

  • Stream latest investor commitments in real-time
  • Simulate various scenarios to optimise investor allocation
  • Send automatic allocation confirmations to investors


Paving the way to straight-through loan processing.

Our Trade Capture solution sets the foundations for more effective deal and investor data processing, booking & settlement automation, and the development of advanced CRM, portfolio management and business activity monitoring dashboards.

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