Trade Flow Improvements.

Simpler trade flows, better ways to manage deals, more counterparty interactions

iLex’s trade flows have been simplified and made more intuitive, with accompanying UI improvements to deal sites. This release allows you to progress trades faster and fosters more interactions between counterparties.

Proceed straight to negotiation.

Shortlisting has been removed. Simply accept/decline an enquiry or send an invitation. If you are enquiring about deals, you will now receive responses from sellers.

Manage all NDAs in one page anytime.

You can now manage NDAs for each counterparty on the NEGOTIATE TERMS page.

This lets you control who can see restricted information, and whenever you decide.

Manage deals in a breeze.

Improvements to deal sites include

  • Less tabs
  • Direct access to deal team and data room management from anywhere
  • More visual indicators to guide you towards the next steps
  • Bulk accept/invite investors

Know what happens after your enquiry.

As shortlisting has been removed for sellers, you will now receive an accept/decline response to your enquiries.

Deal cards, statuses, portfolio buy drawers and new notifications will reflect this response.

Explore these updates with us!

Check out these new changes in your existing deal sites. List a deal and send enquiries to see this new release in action.

Contact [email protected] for a short demo session so you can learn some useful tips and make the most out of iLex’s features!