Building market infrastructure with and for
loan market participants.

We work closely with several leading bookrunners to address the challenges faced by market participants and to ensure our solutions meet the requirements of the industry.

By supporting the development of iLex, our partner banks actively contribute to the transformation of the corporate loan market and promote adoption of new market practices that leverage technology to deliver greater market liquidity and efficiency.

Primary and secondary loan market.

iLex supports all participants in the corporate loan market, from investment and commercial banks to a wide range of institutional investors.

Sell-Side Benefits.

  • Connect to a larger market beyond your historical network
  • Find the right counterparties for your deals
  • Get the best information on borrower and lender activities
  • Improve price discovery and sound the market in real-time
  • Increase productivity and reduce cost per transaction
  • Reduce operational and regulatory risks
  • Work as one team on a single environment
  • Increase team collaboration and interactions

Buy-Side Benefits.

  • Connect to a larger market beyond your historical network
  • Discover new transaction opportunities
  • Enhance decision-making by leveraging market insights
  • Benchmark the pricing of the deals you are offered
  • Reduce operational and regulatory risks
  • Work as one team on a single platform
  • Increase team collaboration and interactions

The corporate loan market is
ready to adopt innovative solutions

More than 90%
of respondents see a need to Improve Operational Efficiency and Reduce Operating Costs

More than 80%
expect a Digital Platform to have the most impact on the industry

About 70%
expect Fintechs to shape the industry’s future

see Settlement, Loan Servicing and Credit Analytics as most impacted by innovation in the next 5 years

Responses to a 2019 iLex-APLMA Survey

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Frequently Asked

iLex is a fintech start-up based in Singapore that is creating the first all-to-all electronic market and trading platform for corporate loans, providing digitised solutions and data analytics to loan market participants in both the primary syndication and secondary markets, for both the buy- and sell-sides.

Through the iLex platform, loan market participants will have access to:

  • An all-to-all market that provides instant reach to a global network of participants. iLex’s proprietary matching engine delivers targeted deal matching for sellers and buyers of corporate loans.
  • Integrated digital solutions for end-to-end transaction processes, including automated deal workflows, secure communication and collaboration systems, trade monitoring tools throughout the deal supported by the highest security, compliance and data privacy standards.
  • Smart data and analytics – market activity, lender activity, liquidity analysis, pricing benchmarks, news – by aggregating data from our strategic partners with our own.

iLex is only available for financial institutions acting as lenders in the corporate loan market, whether they are a bank or a non-bank lender. Financial institutions can access iLex either as a registered iLex client or as an invited party by a client of iLex.

The iLex platform is only accessible for financial institutions acting as lenders or institutional investors. iLex is not a direct lending or debt crowdfunding platform.

No, iLex is not involved in any of the transactions on the platform, as we are not a broker or an agent. iLex provides the digital platform that connects loan market participants.

All large corporate loans can be syndicated or traded on iLex. However, iLex does not cater to SME loans, securities or debentures, including transactions with a derivatives component.

iLex is currently operating in and available for financial institutions located in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Australia, with plans to expand to Europe and the US at a later stage.

Not at this moment. iLex allows users to agree on commercial terms, but legal transacting happens off-platform. iLex plans to develop on-platform transacting in the future.

iLex is an independent all-to-all electronic market and trading platform. Although iLex works in close collaboration with several leading global financial institutions, we have no affiliation to any financial institution.

Confidentiality and information security are one of iLex’s core principles. Unless authorised by the user, iLex does not have access to any confidential information. Users are also in full control of the disclosure of confidential deal information to other counterparties.

Participants are responsible for conducting KYC for the counterparties they engage with, following their usual internal processes. iLex conducts a standard KYC on all users and organisations.

iLex is a cost-competitive solution. Please fill in our contact form to reach out to one of our sales team members.
Please fill in our contact form to reach out to one of our sales team members for access to the full range of our solutions on the platform.

iLex is a web-based platform that requires no installation or connection to systems. iLex runs on most modern browsers.